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Female Awareness Self-Defense Workshop

Workshop Details
The first of the two-hour Female Awareness workshop includes a safety discussion on:

  • How to avoid being a target
  • The “Illusion of Safety”
  • How to handle a confrontation: verbally, mentally, and psychologically
  • The power of body language and non-verbal cues
  • Effective tips on how to be safer and more aware
  • Safety items and how to use your cell phone as an “invisible friend”
  • Specific locations: elevators, street, subways, dates, bars, taxis, etc.
  • Learning how to use your voice

The second hour is focused on physical techniques:

  • How, when and where to strike
  • Learning over 23 strikes from head to toe
  • What to do from the floor & how to handle attacks from behind
  • Escape from multiple grabs and chokeholds
  • How to handle multiple attackers & if a weapon is involved
  • Easy mnemonic devices to remember techniques


About Gabi Rubin
Over the last 24 years, Gabi has studied four styles of martial arts: Goju-ryu, Kenpo Kung Fu and Jujitsu. She has trained in Japan and studied with sensei George Wells, a Martial Arts Hall of Fame Grand Master. In her NYC dojo, Gabi is not only the highest-ranking student; she’s the only woman to maintain her title.

About Female Awareness
Female Awareness, Inc. is based in New York and founded by Gabrielle “Gabi” Rubin with the goal of teaching people how to Be Safe, Be Smart and Be Strong. A three-time black belt with more than 20 years of martial arts training, Gabi’s self-defense class combines defensive moves with mental strategy and safety advice. Her clients include nationwide companies, universities and industry organizations. (Member: National Association of Women Business Owners, NAWBO.) Learn more or schedule a group class at